Are you unsure about the usability of your product?

Introducing fast, fixed-rate expert usability evaluations

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get an expert usability evaluation of your website, application, prototype, or design in an easy to understand format

Here's what you'll get:

  • Heuristic evaluation conducted by a usability expert with over 15 years of experience in both user research and user experience design. I've done this type of evaluation for Toyota, Ancestry, and other succesfull clients (who have paid many thousands of dollars for it.)
    For more info about my experience, view my LinkedIn profile.

  • Examination of 20+ heuristics (best practices) spanning readability, layout, interaction design, human factors, and more

  • A visual scorecard to easily understand the findings

  • Actionable recommendations you can use right away

  • Kick-off and Read-out/Q&A virtual meetings

  • Easy, online scheduling and contract/NDA execution

  • Timelines as short as 3 business days

  • Prices for every budget

  • Option to add-on executive presentation for C-level stakeholders

This service's streamlined approach to project management and deliverables cuts the timeline and budget (without sacrificing quality) compared to what you usually find with heuristic evaluations.

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Maybe you haven't done usability testing, for whatever reason, and are looking for the next best thing. Thankfully you can now incorporate usability into any project.

Here at UFE my mission has always been to make great usability and great experiences accessible to every user and every client.

Organizations face many obstacles when it comes incorporating expert usability help and user-centered design in general. Many of them simply don't know where to go, what they need, who to trust, and don't feel they have the time or budget. If this is you, then I have the solution!

There are many UX methods and activities, but one that is helpful across the board is an expert usability evaluation. Otherwise known as a heuristic evaluation. Essentially, this is having a usability expert review your prototype, design, app, or website against industry-accepted best practices to help you find the issues that could be causing people to have problems or even leave AND recommendations to fix them.

Who can you trust? What makes someone an expert, you might ask? You want find someone with not only design expertise but also someone who has observed many user research sessions and truly gets how people think and act. I have directly observed hundreds of users over the years within a multitude of industries and domains and with different backgrounds and skill levels. (And I can almost always tell when a designer has watched usability testing or not.) 

What about timing and budget? By standardizing the work, cutting the fat, and streamlining the process, I can get you feedback quickly using a "discount usability" method that will fit into your agile process.